Sunday, May 31, 2020

Jose Flores

Jose Flores is a self-taught artist based in New York whose heart and spirit remain rooted in his place of birth, Guatemala, the heartland of the Maya.

His homeland’s long and ancient traditions of the Maya is where he draws his inspiration for his work. He pays homage to his people and ancestors by capturing their sacredness with powerful, dream-like portraits.  Rich and lively earth tone colors of blue and green splash behind colors of brown skin to capture the special relationship between indigenous peoples and Mother Earth. 

 Through his art, Jose revives his indigenous heritage and identity that has long been in a 500-year battle for survival. 

Like much of the so called “Latin America”, Guatemala has suffered all the symptoms of colonialism.  Due to a cruel effort of imperialism, beginning with the Spanish empire, the Maya people of Guatemala have fought to protect their territory, language and culture for over 500 years.  A foreign invasion, a caste system, genocide, civil war, racism and most recently mass migration have consistently worked against a connection to indigenous thought and wisdom. 

All of these have factored into very complex issues of identity and spirituality that have come to shape the lives of every Guatemalan. Jose breaks down  these topics and by using his art to learn, develop and re-connect with his Indigenous Heritage.

Energies De Selva by Jose Flores, 2020, Copyright. NYC.

Duality (Original) by Jose Flores, 2020, Copyright. NY.

Wild Jade Flowers by Jose Flores, 2020, Copyright, NY

Tialoc Vase by Jose Flores, 2020, Copyright, NYC.